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Welcome to the website of Uptown Gallery Richmond Virginia's Premier Artist's Co-op

As an artist's co-op, Uptown Gallery allows each visitor to experience the artwork and the artists who created it. The gallery's unique feature is that it is staffed by the artists themselves. Each time you visit the gallery you will have the rare opportunity to meet one of the artists whose work is shown here. The gallery has more than 30 outstanding artists, with work in a varied palette of media and techniques.

Wednesday - Saturday 11am - 4pm

first Fridays
Uptown Gallery is open the first Friday of every month 5pm - 8:30pm. During the first Friday opening light refreshments are served.
 Reception will be on Friday February 3rd from 5 to 8:30 p.m.  


New Exhibits
To combat the grays and browns of winter, Uptown has chosen a spot of color for February. After exploring red and blue in its first two judged color exhibits, the gallery tackles the third primary color in a show called   "Mellow Yellow"  . But is yellow really "mellow"? Does it make one feel mellow or does it arouse other emotions? Is yellow always a "sunny" color? How does it affect a painting to substitute a yellow sky for a blue one? With many Richmond artists exploring these questions, the interpretations will be numerous, and we're lucky to have nationally-known Richmond artist Christopher Wynn to make the awards and give a gallery talk at the opening reception. The public will enjoy hearing his "take" on these works. (They can also give their own opinions; they are invited to participate in a People's Choice award, with winner to be announced during the following month's reception.)

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Continuing Exhibits
In two new exhibits, the entire group of Uptown Gallery artists express their feelings on Winter and Spring, while Vince Calabrese uses experimental techniques to subtly convey his reactions to scenes both real & imagined.

The gallery's All-Member show, "Is It Spring Yet?", is a celebration of two seasons. For many people, spring cannot come soon enough, but others find the winter cold invigorating. The entire group of Uptown artists accepted the challenge to paint what they like best (or hate most!) about winter and spring. The only exhibit where all the Uptown artists show together is also the only one to have a common theme, yet the variety of media and styles is amazing. The works turn the viewer gently away from the holiday season towards appreciating the present and anticipating the next season by portraying winter and spring in all of their beauty.

In "Impressions & Ideas", in the Frable space, Dr. Calabrese explores an artist's communication of impressions and feelings, and the techniques that can be used to convey them. Painting in acrylic in both abstract and representational styles, he subtly shapes the viewer's emotional reaction to these beautifully-painted representational or abstract works. Both exhibits run from Jan. 4th through Feb. 25, 2017.

The opening reception will be on Friday February 3rd, from 5 to 8:30 P.M.

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Driving Directions
Click for Driving Directions. Free parking is available when you visit Uptown Gallery. You may park in the parking lot at the corner of Randolph and Main Streets. There is an entrance on Randolph Street.

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