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Zachary Reid

Zachary Reid is a well-traveled storyteller who has shifted between words and images throughout a career that has spanned nearly three decades. He has been a magazine editor, a newspaper reporter and a visual artist. In recent years, most of his attention has been devoted to photography, painting and making mixed media works, usually figurative pieces based on people he has met around the world.

A self-taught artist, he works with acrylic, cloth and paper, as well as graphite, charcoal and ink. He lives in Richmond, Virginia



Title: White Dress (Cuba, #7)
Size: 12 by 24
Medium: Mixed; paper and paint on wood panel

Title: Abstract (street light through a cracked window)
Size: (variable; open edition)
Medium: Photograph

Title: Bikini
Size: 12 by 24
Medium: acrylic on canvas

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